About Biomagnetic Therapy

What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?

What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy? BPT is a complementary treatment that makes use of electromagnetic energy (EMF) from natural sources to help heal various medical conditions, disorders and injuries. Dr Isaac Goiz Duran was the creator of this unique and effective treatment method and is known worldwide as the “Master Healer”.

According to him, when the human body is subjected to extreme stress or anxiety, the immune system goes into overdrive, leading to health problems such as: stress related diseases, muscle pain, headache, high blood pressure and more.

These issues occur because the body is trying to protect itself from the discomfort. However, since it cannot properly distinguish between danger and injury, the reaction it gives is distress, pain and other issues. To counteract this, Dr. Duran creates a therapy that involves the use of powerful magnets and Biomagnetic Pairing. The use of magnets and Biomagnetic Pairing will help the body to increase its bioelectricity, thereby reducing or eliminating the various problems associated with pain, discomfort and other negative affects.

How does it work?

By applying strong and powerful magnets to the body, the EMF that is produced by these objects will be absorbed and can be used to correct specific areas that are suffering from pain, discomfort and other bioeffects. In addition to helping with bioelectricity, this form of energy therapy will also help in other ways. Some areas that will see the biggest benefits include the neck, shoulders, wrists, ears, elbows, knee caps, wrists, head, spine, abdominal and head regions.

So, what are some of the diseases and conditions that this particular treatment can treat?

Some of the conditions it can help to cure are migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle spasms, allergies, osteoporosis, sleep disorders such as insomnia, nightmares, anxiety and more. It can even help to reduce the effects of certain types of cancer and heart diseases. It can be used to help treat and prevent prostate cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. This in mind, means that by using the power of the biomagnetic pair therapies, you can greatly increase your chances of staying healthy and disease free for the rest of your life.

The treatment works by using two specific areas to stimulate the healing process.

The two areas that are treated are the human body and the aura. By treating the body as a whole, you are treating it from top to bottom from the brain down. Since each part of the brain is related to a specific area of the body, by aligning your entire being with the right pairing, you are better able to heal yourself.

To begin the treatment, the patient is placed in a comfortable, laying position.

An electromagnetic field is then placed on both of their feet. A pair of specially made natural magnets are then placed on the feet, aligning the patient’s toes and heels. To ensure the highest results possible, a further pair of magnetic earphones is placed on either ear. These earphones allow the therapist to pinpoint exactly where to direct the energy to achieve the best results.

The specific parts of the body that are affected by the healing process can vary from person to person.

However, the most common areas where natural magnets are used include the bones, muscles, joints, skin, organs, blood cells and more. For some patients, a complete recovery is experienced within hours; others may not notice any changes or improvements after only a few days. This is down to the individual’s own energy and healing capabilities. If the treatment is carried out correctly, there should be no ill effects caused by the use of the biomagnetic generators.

The cost of these devices is very small, as they do not use electricity, which makes them environmentally friendly. They can also be used privately, so there is no need for any embarrassing conversations about a medical condition. For anyone who suffers from any type of health condition, this form of treatment could be life-changing: you could soon be walking again or enjoying a new level of fitness. If you are worried about any health problems or are looking to improve your wellbeing, you could consider having a pair of biomagnetic pair earrings or bracelet.

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