About Biomagnetic Therapy

What is Biomagnetic Adjustment?

What is Biomagnetic Adjustment

What is biomagnetic adjustment? It is the method of adjusting the magnetic field within a space or in your own body by the use of electromagnetic energy. This energy can be from a generator, radio, microwave, etc. The more sources of this electromagnetic field that you have, the stronger the pull of it upon the energy within you. It works in the same way that strong magnets can pull on heavy objects with no effort while weakly holding a feather.

What is the use of this type of energy?

Well, one of the most common uses is to have a generator to produce electricity without using up fuel. There are many generators that can use this type of energy to run themselves without ever having to use fuel. You can even buy the separate parts to put together your own generator for a small amount of money. The point is, this magnetic field is what gives off the energy and it is always pushing against every cell in your body.

So how can you adjust the magnetic field?

By using devices known as “inductors” that will change the flow of energy that the machine has. These devices are typically made up of coils that are strategically placed in such a way as to coil tightly around the entire area where the magnetic field is effected. Once these coils are placed in the right place, they will begin to change the magnetic field of the area.

So what happens?

The change in the magnetic field affects the energy that your cells are holding. This energy is then used to power the device that is making the energy. This means that instead of getting a regular electrical charge, the cells now receive an “alternating current.” This changes the chemical make-up of the cells, which in turn creates new energy that is much more potent.

There are a few things to know about how this works

First of all, there is a limit to the amount of energy that biomagnetic objects can hold. If you ever go outside of that limit, you will find that the energy that you have is not enough to power your electric vehicle. Also, if you attempt to go above and beyond the safe level, the amount of energy that the objects can hold is reduced. It will only continue to decrease until you remove the object that was causing the biomagnetic adjustment.

If you want to take this further, there are certain frequencies that have the ability to alter the chemical make-up of cells. When you put a magnetic field on a cell, the chemical make-up of the cell is altered so that it will be more receptive to the magnetic field. This in turn makes the cell more stable and resistant to damage. When the cell becomes damaged, however, it will become even more resistant to damage.

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