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Dr Goiz Biomagnetic Pairing and Q Magnets

Dr Goiz Biomagnetic Pairing and Q Magnets

Dr Goiz Biomagnetic Pairing and Q Magnets are the treatment of several diseases and medical disorders. These treatments are based on the magnetic therapy principle and concept that a disease or health condition is related to the magnetism in the body. If you are suffering from any such ailment, then it is very important to get the treatment through these methods. It is an effective treatment method as it treats the disorder in a natural way without any side effects. The treatment is also cost-effective. It helps in treating even the most complicated disorders.

Dr. Goiz, medical doctor, discovered the biomagnetic pairing and magnetic field through which he restores health in the body by balancing the alkalinity and acidity levels of the medium intensity electrical field that exists in the brain. He made use of various metals and developed different types of magnets. In this system of treatment, two strong magnets are placed near the head area of the patient. They should be placed so as to produce the most positive effect.

What is a Quantum Pulsation Machine (QMP)?

A Quantum Pulsation Machine is a machine used for diagnostic purposes and to treat various diseases and disorders. A Biomagnetic Pulsation Device uses strong and weak bio-field variations to induce specific bio-energy required for the healing process. This kind of machine is used in various diseases and is generally a part of various medical procedures. This is how you can support your wellness with QMP.

How do we benefit from this type of treatment?

A number of people have been treated and have shown improvement after having undergone QMP therapy. It is compatible with all other therapies and treatments. It helps reduce stress and anxiety as well as pain and suffering. It also relieves muscle tension and spasms.

Who can benefit from this type of therapy?

Anyone with any form of disease and chronic suffering, especially those who are unbalanced and are not in a position to be treated properly by any other means. If you do not want to be dependent on medication, then this is the way to go for you. You will be able to treat your illness without putting your life at risk. The best part about it is that you can learn it at your own pace and you can be taught at your own time as per your own requirements and at your own convenience.

What are the benefits of this kind of treatment?

According to the study conducted by the medical university, this is a good alternative for the treatment of cancer. Because the magnets could kill cancer cells, this could be the next best thing after surgery to cure cancer. The magnetic fields of the biomagnetic pair therapies could be applied at different parts of the body or the entire body.

How can we use it?

There are many people who have already started using this technology. One of its main benefits is that it does not need any surgery, like what laser surgery does. It only requires an external application of two different biomagnetic pairs of copper and nickel titanium coils placed near the affected area. The healing process will start once the applied electromagnetic fields are in opposition to each other.

How do they work?

Once you have your hands on the two copper poles, you should apply them at different locations. The location where you are placing them is called the positive polarity and the location where you are placing them is called the negative polarity. When you are holding these biomagnetic pairs together, they become a magnetic field that is stronger than the magnetic fields produced by your skin, blood, or brain. This unique strength allows the biomagnetic pairs to work with the natural healing properties of the body.

Our minds and bodies are so connected it’s difficult to describe our connection without a great deal of words. When you heal your mind/body through the power of positive electromagnetism, you release negative frequencies and free radicals into the environment.

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