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Biomagnetic Therapy for Nervous Breakdown

Biomagnetic Therapy for Nervous Breakdown

Biomagnetic therapy for nervous breakdown: The nervous system, being the control center of the body and all bodily functions, is vulnerable to a variety of negative forces and influences such as stress, aging, injury, pathogens, insomnia, depression, anxiety, trauma, poor nutrition, poor diet, insufficient sleep and many other things.

These influences reduce the body’s ability to function properly and can lead to a variety of health issues and ailments. One such problem is chronic depression and mental fatigue that occurs when the nervous system is not able to effectively deal with stress and demands. This can eventually lead to such illnesses as Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Biomagnetic Therapy for depression

BMT (biomagnetic therapy for depression) works by treating the entire body with focused energy, restoring balance in the nervous system and the body as a whole. The concept is quite simple: the human mind and brain contain energy that is constantly vibrating. When these energy lines are broken, a variety of physical symptoms can occur.

Some of these symptoms can include loss of appetite, insomnia, headaches, depression, fatigue, weight gain, urinary disorders, muscle pain, joint pain and many more. As energy is disturbed and flows unpredictably through the body, it can cause imbalance in the cells, enzymes and hormones, causing an assortment of illness. However, when this energy is restored and focused through BMT, energy flows back into the body and these ailments clear up.

The most common use of BMT is in treating Panic Attacks

Studies show that people who are experiencing Panic Attacks have been found to be suffering from a damaged and stressed out nervous system. BMT has been shown to significantly increase the body’s ability to fight against Panic Attacks and is an effective treatment for relieving the symptoms associated with this debilitating condition.

BMT is also known as biomagnetic therapy and is based on the belief that certain parts of the body are connected to one another via magnetic fields and that by inducing a slight magnetic force on the affected area, it can improve the health of that part of the body. With more research being done on the links between the nervous system and health, there is a lot of hope that this treatment can become a cure all for millions of people who suffer from chronic illnesses and diseases.

Sports injury and rehabilitation

It has been proven to be effective in improving movement and range of motion, and also increases energy and speed of recovery. The treatment can greatly affect the speed and amount of growth experienced by athletes and active individuals. This is due to the fact that the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the tissues helps to promote cell growth and repair.

In addition to helping to create a biofield, BMT uses sound waves in order to change the biofield. Sound waves are sent from the healer to the patient’s biofield and they use specific frequencies and waves that correspond to the biofield that the patient is trying to heal. The sound waves encourage healing within the patient’s tissue. A trained individual can direct the type and strength of the energy that is used in this type of treatment and this is the basis of this form of biofield attunement or magnetic therapy.

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