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Biomagnetic Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Biomagnetic Therapy for Fibromyalgia

The use of biomagnetic therapy for fibromyalgia has proved to be very effective. It is a way to reduce pain without medication and without surgery. The idea behind it is based on the fact that the body can heal itself, but it needs certain things to do so. Pain is one such thing. By applying pressure to certain areas of the body, we can actually cause the pain to be reduced.

There are a number of different ways this can be applied. Many people report good results using biofield therapy, which is used by many alternative healthcare practitioners. This form of therapy focuses on the biofield of the person and the energy surrounding them. This helps to create the correct balance in the body that is meant to lead to the relief of pain.

Effective in reducing pain

Many doctors will not approve of a biofield therapy, stating that it is purely a belief. However, it has been shown to be very effective in reducing pain. Patients report a decrease in pain, soreness and muscle stiffness. There have been many patients who state that they feel stronger, more limber after treatment. There is a great deal of scientific data that supports this type of therapy.

In order for the pain to be relieved, the patient must apply direct pressure to a specific area. This can be done in a variety of ways, with each focused on a particular part of the body. By applying pressure to certain parts of the body, it is believed to alter the energy flow and focus of the body.

One way in which this is done is through a form of massage. The biofield is stimulated with gentle strokes. For instance, if the back is painful, the masseuse may apply gentle strokes to the muscles in order to encourage the natural healing process. The same technique is often used when a patient feels achy and cold. Again, gentle, but effective strokes are used in order to stimulate the natural healing process within the body.

Heat therapy

Another aspect of this therapy is heat therapy. This is done by applying heat to the biofield. It is believed that applying heat to the biofield can help to reduce pain, as well as to promote healing. Many forms of heat therapy have been used for centuries, to treat many conditions. For example, warm milk is often applied to the skin, in order to improve circulation.

Another form of biofield therapy is magnetic therapy. Magnetic fields produce an opposite effect on the body. For example, objects that are held close to the ground, such as a magnet or iron rod, will produce an opposite polarity effect, such as strong negative polarity. This means that when the biofield is surrounded by magnetic fields, the effect is the opposite polarity, such as strong positive polarity.

The goal of biofield therapy is to increase the energy, life force or “chi” within the body. If chi is lacking in the body, it can cause many health issues to arise. This is why pain can often be so difficult to deal with. Biofield therapies such as acupuncture and magnetic therapy can not only provide pain relief, but can also promote healing and wellness.

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