About Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic Hot Tub Therapy

Biomagnetic Hot Tub Therapy

How does biomagnetic hot tub therapy work? The human body is not made up of a “field” like an electric arc or a laser. A bio field works much the same way. It consists of a bio field, which is made up of energies that are in harmony with one another and move together in a flowing fashion. These energies are transmitted through both the physical and mental fields.

To put it simply, energy is energy

One hot tub spa is energized by the electro-magnetic energy around it. The electrical energy created by the pump pushes the water deeper into the tank, increasing the energy level of the water. When the energy is released, it travels through the tubing and out of the hot tub spa, creating an electrical current that is again carried to the spout. This continuing cycle is what helps to power the spout and provide its healing properties.

When a person sits in a hot tub, they become deeply relaxed. They experience a powerful flow of bio-field energy that is shared by everyone within the hot tub. It’s as if being immersed in a pool of warm, natural energy, and you’re totally unaware of it moving around you.

What’s more, these healing properties are transferred not only to the person in the hot tub, but to those who are near them as well. The very air you breathe is being affected. And the energy is transferred to others as well. The healing properties found in this type of hydrotherapy help to support the healing properties of the physical body as well. You’ll find that stress and tension aren’t just released from your body when you jump into a hydrotherapy spa. But the positive bio field, the hot tub provides also helps to release stress and tension from the physical body.

Relaxing, and rejuvenating effects

The soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating effects of this type of hydrotherapy have been known for thousands of years. And now you can experience these healing properties on a daily basis through bath and shower therapy. These powerful therapeutic jets provide the perfect setting for deep tissue massage. This type of massage releases tension, reduces anxiety, increases circulation and improves lymphatic flow. And it also enhances the lymphatic system’s function so that you feel better day after day.

The benefits of your own hot tub should not be underestimated. You have all the health benefits of hydrotherapy without the added work. With your own bio field in your hot tub, you can be as energetic as you like – and there’s no need to take any kind of supplements or any pills. And unlike the exercise machines and other kinds of “energy bars”, your own bio field doesn’t burn up. The only work you need to do in your hot tub is simply to relax and enjoy the soothing effects.

Therapeutic jets

The therapeutic jets that come with your hot tub are designed to target specific problem areas. For example, you can choose the therapeutic jet system that helps to reduce stress levels and muscle tension. You can also choose therapeutic jet systems that reduce swelling and pain. Bio fields are becoming increasingly advanced. And because they work together with the therapeutic jets, you can experience the full benefits of your hot tub experience.

No matter what your needs may be, you can find a way to enhance your experience through the various options available for bio-field enhancement. You can get the relaxation you deserve by stepping into a hot tub. Get ready to treat yourself to a day of bliss and total body relaxation with your very own biomagnetic hot tub.

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