About Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic Herbal Therapy

Biomagnetic Herbal Therapy

Biomagnetic herbal therapy is a revolutionary concept in natural medicine that has been used for centuries. The principle behind it is based on the magnetic properties of plants and their own bioelectricity. This book by renowned herbalist, Dr. Michael Tierra, enlightens us about the healing effect of scientifically proven, medicinal magnets for our bodies.

Unlike conventional medicine, herbal medicines use no synthetic chemicals or synthetics but are derived directly from natural sources. Thus they are safer to take, and have more effective healing results.

Plants produce their own energy

There is a vast amount of this energy that is being wasted each day as we waste energy trying to run an economy based on energy which does not come from our natural sources. Our health is literally threatened by the poisons we consume. Alternative medicine is based on a return to the roots of life and on reconnecting with the naturally occurring energy of our environment.

All living things contain energy that is being wasted. This energy can be re-purposed and transformed into the healing energy required for our bodies and minds. The human body has its own intrinsic energy, which is re-named bioelectricity. We receive all our energy from our natural environment and from the sun. The sun emits gamma rays, which are absorbed and transformed into bioelectric energy.

Cancer cells are growth pathogens

Bioelectricity can destroy these germs. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are related to dopamine and vitamin D deficiency. Bioelectricity can correct these deficiencies. Our food supply is constantly being depleted of this valuable energy.

Mercury, cadmium and aluminum are commonly found in our drinking water. Mercury and cadmium bind with the copper ions in our bodies and form thimerosal. The FDA banned the use of mercury and cadmium, as preservatives and their residues have been found in the urine of humans exposed to them for many years. Aluminum is still used and it too forms toxic metals when consumed in large quantities.

Magnetic therapy alleviates pain and promotes healing in a natural, effective way. Pain is produced by neurochemicals in the nervous system. Magnets increase blood flow and draw chemicals and energy from the area producing pain.

There is no need for a practitioner to touch you physically in order to release the bioelectric energy locked inside you. The magnetic field produced by the magnets is undetectable by the naked eye. These fields will not interfere with one another or your health.

Magnetic herbal therapy bracelet

You can use the magnetic herbal therapy bracelet to produce and release this energy for healthy improvements in the areas of your life that need improvement. The bracelet can be worn 24 hours a day without wearing it and without interrupting your usual activities. Many studies have shown that the bioelectric energy produced within the body by using the magnetic herbal therapy bracelet relieves stress and aids in the healing of many degenerative diseases. It also helps to increase the blood flow to the skin and muscle tissues.

Studies have shown that the magnetic fields produced by the magnetic herbal therapy bracelets have a profound effect on the brain. This magnetic energy awakens your mind and forces your body to release stress, sharpen its concentration, increases the production of energy and oxygen, and provides a profound feeling of well-being. There are no side effects or harmful effects caused by these bioelectric, magnetic fields.

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