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Biomagnetic Applications for Breast Cancer

Biomagnetic Applications for Breast Cancer

The use of biomagnetic applications for breast cancer treatment is a growing trend. The demand is so high due to the many positive outcomes it yields. This method of treatment is all natural and not only protects against cancer, but restores the body to a healthy condition in just about any part of the body.

The concept behind this method of treatment is simple; it targets cancerous tumors and removes them before they have a chance to grow back. This method is very simple, effective and safe.

When it comes to cancer

There are two types: benign or malignant. Benign tumors grow from the normal cells in the body, while malignant tumors grow from abnormal cells. Since the treatment for each type of tumor is slightly different, they are combined to create a specific formula to best target the cancerous growths. The methods used in combination to produce a strong enough dose of energy to break down the DNA of the cell without killing or damaging normal tissue.

These formulas are very powerful, however some people believe they should not be used on their own as they could do more harm than good. They feel that using biofield therapies on their own may interfere with other treatments used by other doctors or radiation therapists. Doctors have also stated that they would prefer to treat breast cancer in this manner as opposed to invasive surgery.

There are some doctors who agree that biomagnetic therapies are very effective in the early stages of breast cancer but that once treatment is introduced into the breast cancer patient’s life, hormone therapy and radiation therapy should be used in addition.

Biomagnetic applications

Biomagnetic applications for breast cancer treatment is generally known as AMFs. These are based on the theory of Van De Graaff’s theory, which was first used in 1932. This theory states that cancer cells use magnetic forces as their source of energy.

This energy then affects the DNA of the cancer cells causing them to mutate into cancerous cells. Van De Graaff’s theory has since been modified to incorporate the use of frequencies which also affect cancer cells.

The two main ways these sound waves are used is by application and placement. For application to research the doctor will place the device directly onto the area being treated. In most cases the areas of application and placement are not visible to the naked eye. However, some devices are designed to be placed in such a way that only a portion of the breast cancer tissue is affected.

Biofield sounds

Another method of using these types of biofield sounds is placement in a woman’s body. This method is not commonly used due to the fact that the tissue in question can become irritated by the radiation from the device. This means that the cancer cells may start to spread before the biomagnetic applications for breast cancer treatment have had the chance to work.

The only cases where this type of placement has worked cases where the woman has been receiving chemotherapy in an attempt to kill any remaining cancer cells. Unfortunately, once chemotherapy has been stopped, the cancer cells may begin to grow again.

Control the radiation

One of the most interesting ways to use these sound therapies is to control the radiation that is being used to treat the cancerous cells. The doctor will apply the device onto the breast cancer site and play different types of tones and pulses at different frequencies.

These frequencies are meant to excite the cells so that they divide and multiply. When they divide, they push the abnormal cells out of the site. The ultrasound waves created by the machine are also meant to kill any remaining cancer cells.

This is a great way to combat breast cancer without having to expose the patient to radiation which has been shown to increase the chances of developing cancer.

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