About Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic Acupoint Therapy

Biomagnetic Acupoint Therapy

Biomagnetic acupoint therapy originated from ancient China. This type of therapy relies on the concept that body aches and pains can originate from within rather than without. Through the use of powerful magnets, a strong flow of negative energy is created within the body.

By utilizing an atlas of meridians, specific magnets are placed on particular points to stimulate the proper flow of negative energy, decrease pain, and increase your internal vital force. When you utilize acupoint therapy for treatment, it is thought that a variety of physical and emotional problems including chronic pain, anxiety, joint pain, and moods may be helped by the use of the magnetic fields generated by the magnets.

Based on the theory of transference

The theory behind biomagnetic acupoint therapy is based on the theory of transference. Basically, this means that one’s body is able to differentiate between a foreign object and its own natural state, which is why it reacts to the magnetic fields around the object. So, for instance, if someone were to place a magnet in their stomach they would feel pain.

The theory of biomagnetic pair states that if the same magnet is placed in an area of the body that has a low level of bioelectricity (i.e. in the muscles or in the immune system) people will feel little or no pain.

Two types of biofield effects

It is important to understand that there are two types of biofield effects: the structural force and the bioelectricity force. The former effect is similar to when you are walking through a dark room with a large amount of light.

You feel the structural force as your weight is carried away from your feet causing your muscles to tighten. And the latter energy is felt as a bioelectricity field that occurs when a person is standing in a cold area with a large amount of sunlight shining upon them.

Uses traditional methods

This kindle edition of this ancient form of herbal therapy uses traditional methods as well. Just like the herbal therapy, a spoonful of dried or fresh mint leaves and a small handful of ground goldenseal or echinacea root should be added to boiling water. Let the mixture steep for about five minutes before you add the ground goldenseal or echinacea root into the boiling water. Allow the mixture to steep for a few more minutes before you strain it. Once again enjoy the cool feeling it gives your body.

If you are looking for a very soothing method for pain relief then look no further than biomagnetic acupoint therapy. This method not only provides pain relief, but it also helps to promote healing. It is especially helpful for issues such as arthritis, sore muscles, shingles, bug bites, bee stings and sunburns. To use the magnets for this kind of treatment you can use a special magnet bracelet that contains one or many biomagnetic powerhouses known as biomagnetic magnets. These bracelets work on the same level as traditional acupuncture.

The type of medicine known as biomagnetic therapy is something that is based on the principles of acupuncture and magnetism. When you get the book for this kind of therapy you are also offered information on how to use the bracelet and other materials that are used for the therapy.

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